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Fachartikel: 2012-2010

Beiträge in wissenschaftlichen Journalen von 2010 bis 2012

  1. S. Napolitano, M. D'Acunto, P. Baschieri, E. Gnecco, and P. Pingue, "Ordered rippling of polymer surfaces by nanolithography: influence of scan pattern and boundary effects", Nanotechnology 23 (2012) 475301
  2. E. Gnecco, O. Y. Fajardo, C. M. Pina, and J. J. Mazo, "Anisotropy effects in atomic-scale friction", Trib. Lett. 48 (2012) 33
  3. E. Gnecco, R. Roth, and A. Baratoff, "Analytical expressions for the kinetic friction in the Prandtl-Tomlinson model", Phys. Rev. B 86 (2012) 035443
  4. M. Goryl, J. Budzioch, F. Krok, M. Wojtaszek, M. Kolmer, L. Walczak, J. Konior, E. Gnecco, and M. Szymonski, "Probing atomic-scale friction on reconstructed surfaces of single-crystal semiconductors", Phys. Rev. B 85 (2012) 085308
  5. C. M. Pina, R. Miranda, and E. Gnecco, "Anisotropic surface coupling while sliding on dolomite and calcite crystals", Phys. Rev. B 85 (2012) 073402
  6. P. Steiner, E. Gnecco, F. Krok, J. Budzioch, L. Walczak, J. Konior, M. Szymonski, and E. Meyer, "Atomic-scale friction on stepped surfaces of ionic crystals", Phys. Rev. Lett. 106 (2011) 186104
  7. S. Vlassov, B. Polyakov, L. M. Dorogin, A. Lohmus, A. E. Romanov, I. Kink, E. Gnecco, and R. Lohmus, "Real-time manipulation of gold nanoparticles inside a scanning electron microscope", Solid State Comm. 151 (2011) 688
  8. G. Fessler, I. Zimmermann, T. Glatzel, E. Gnecco, P. Steiner, R. Roth, T. D. Keene, S. X. Liu, S. Decurtins, and E. Meyer, "Orientation dependent molecular friction on organic layer compound crystals", Appl. Phys. Lett. 98 (2011) 083119
  9. G. Chandrasekar, K. Mougin, H. Haidara, L. Vidal, and E. Gnecco, "Shape and size transformation of gold nanorods (GNRs) via oxidation process: A reverse growth mechanism", Appl. Surf. Sci. 257 (2011) 4175
  10. S. Darwich, K. Mougin, A. Rao, E. Gnecco, S. Jayaraman, and H. Haidara, "Manipulation of gold colloidal nanoparticles with atomic force microscopy in dynamic mode: Influence of particle-substrate chemistry and morphology, and of operating conditions", Beilstein J. Nanotech. 2 (2011) 85
  11. M. Kisiel, E. Gnecco, U. Gysin, L. Marot, S. Rast, and E. Meyer, "Suppression of electronic friction on Nb films in the superconducting state", Nature Materials 10 (2011) 119
  12. S. Darwich, K. Mougin, L. Vidal, E. Gnecco, and H. Haidara, "Nanobubble and nanodroplet template growth of particle nanorings versus nanoholes in drying nanofluids and polymer films", Nanoscale 3 (2011) 1211
  13. E. Gnecco, "A collisional model for AFM manipulation of rigid nanoparticles", Beilstein J. Nanotech. 1 (2010) 158
  14. P. Steiner, R. Roth, E. Gnecco, A. Baratoff, and E. Meyer, "Angular dependence of static and kinetic friction on alkali halide surfaces", Phys. Rev. B 82 (2010) 205417
  15. B. N. J. Persson, A. Kovalev, M. Wasem, E. Gnecco, and S. N. Gorb, "Surface roughness of peeled adhesive tape: A mystery?", Europhys. Lett. 92 (2010) 46001
  16. E. Gnecco, "Quasi-isotropy of static friction on hexagonal surface lattices", Europhys. Lett. 91 (2010) 66008
  17. P. Steiner, E. Gnecco, T. Filleter, N.N. Gosvami, S. Maier, E. Meyer, and R. Bennewitz, "Atomic friction investigations on ordered superstructures", Trib. Lett. 39 (2010) 321
  18. E. Gnecco, A. Rao, K. Mougin, G. Chandrasekar, and E. Meyer, "Controlled manipulation of rigid nanorods by atomic force microscopy", Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 215702
  19. R. Roth, T. Glatzel, P. Steiner, E. Gnecco, A. Baratoff, and E. Meyer, "Multiple slips in atomic-scale friction: An indicator for the lateral contact damping", Trib. Lett. 39 (2010) 63
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