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New book on sintering published
29.01.2013 16:00

A new book on sintering of nanomaterials has been recently published by Springer. The project has been coordinated by colleagues Prof. R. Castro and Prof. K. van Benthem at University of California (Davis, USA).

A chapter on FAST/SPS of oxide ceramics has been authored by Prof. Guillon (Effects of Applied Stress and Heating Rate in Field Assisted Sintering).
In the preface You can read:

"With a different point of view, Guillon (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany) describes the role of pressure and heating rates during the SPS process in the next chapter. That is, most of the advantageous effects related to the SPS process can be attributed to the applied pressure and high heating rates. Guillon shows this by using model systems and comparing hot pressing sintering with the field assisted process."

For more information: http://www.springer.com/materials/special+types/book/978-3-642-31008-9 - Sintering : Mechanisms of Convention Nanodensification and Field Assisted Processes

Table of Contents: TOC-9783642310089.pdf (136 kByte)
please note: the headlines are sensitive and will feed to the references of the original publications...


Book Cover: Sintering

Book Cover: Sintering

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