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New topics for Master Theses
08.07.2013 09:49

Flash sintering of nanocrystalline zinc oxide

An external electric field can significantly affect the sintering behaviour of oxide ceramics. Under "flash" sintering conditions, a very short, intense electric current flows through the sample leading to Joule heating, creation of point defects and a dramatic increase in the densification rate. In continuation of our previous work, the aim of this project is to investigate the effect of non-contacting electric field as well as pulsing on the densification and microstrucure evolution of nanocrystalline zinc oxide. For this, a unique sinter-forging set-up will be used.

Evolution of pore geometry in a viscous glass

The sintering of glass takes place at elevated temperatures due to viscous flow driven by applied stress and the surface tension. The behaviour of large pores in a viscous matrix has been recently predicted by Wakai (Acta Materialia 2013): the change in size and shape strongly depends on the macroscopic deformation and the presence or absence of gas inside the pores. However, no systematic experimental investigations have been performed up to now. Thanks to pore formers of controlled geometry, artifical pores will be introduced in a specimen sintered in air or vacuum. The microstructure will be evaluated and compared to theoretical predictions.


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