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Mechanical Characterization

Rheometer - ARES-LS2

  • studies of the rheological behavior of meltings up to 600ºC
  • shear tests with periodic deformation in the frequency range from 2x10-6 rad/s bis 200 rad/s and continuous shear
  • phase transitions
  • orientation of structures in the melt as a function of temperature, shear amplitude, frequency and time
  • Investigation of the relaxation and glass transitions in solids in the temperature range from -150ºC to 600ºC (depending on material)
  • analysis of complex material behavior in the frequency domain
  • creep up to 10-5 rad/s
  • normal stresses in the melt
  • The method is used mainly for polymers, composites and biomaterials but also for metallic alloys up to 600ºC
ARES-Rheometer LS2

ARES-Rheometer LS2

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