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Fachartikel: 2019

Beiträge in wissenschaftlichen Journalen 2019

  1. C. Pimentel, K. Mougin, E. Gnecco, C. M. Pina: "Growth of zabuyelite, Li2CO3, on dolomite and kutnohorite (10.4) surfaces from supersaturated and undersaturated solutions", in review.
  2. F. Trillitzsch, A. Janas, A. Özogul, C. Neumann, A. George, B. R. Jany, F. Krok, A. Turchanin, E. Gnecco: "Scanning-probe-induced assembling of gold striations on mono- and bi-layered MoS2 on SiO2", in review.
  3. A. Özogul, F. Trillitzsch, C. Neumann, A. George, A. Turchanin, E. Gnecco: "Plowing-induced nano-exfoliation of mono- and multilayer MoS2 surfaces", in review.
  4. Matthias Vorholzer, J. G. Vilhena, Ruben Perez, Enrico Gnecco, Dirk Dietzel, André Schirmeisen: "Temperature Activates Contact Aging in Silica Nanocontacts". Phys. Rev. X 9 (2019), 041045.
  5. Juan J. Mazo, Pedro J. Martínez, Patricia Pedraz, Jana Hennig, Enrico Gnecco: "Plowing-induced structuring of compliant surfaces". Phys. Rev. Lett. 122 (2019), 256101.
  6. Rémy Pawlak, J. G. Vilhena, Antoine Hinaut, Tobias Meier, Thilo Glatzel, Alexis Baratoff, Enrico Gnecco, Rubén Pérez, Ernst Meyer: "Conformations and cryo-force spectroscopy of spray-deposited single-strand DNA on gold". Nature Communications 10 (2019), Article number: 685.
  7. Alper Özogul, Stephan Gräf, Frank A. Müller, Enrico Gnecco: "Reverse Stick-Slip on a Periodic Wedge-Shaped Micrograting". Tribology Letters (2019) 67:29.
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