Final Theses


PhD thesis

  • Felix Cassin
    • Nanomanipulation of Gold Nanoclusters on Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Caroline Tschirpke
    • Process evaluation for the production of dense ZTA ceramics from wet-chemically generated ZrO2-Al2O3 particles and their influence on microstructure and surface characteristics.

Master Theses

    • Investigation of the friction of layered materials at the atomic scale and comparison of the properties by numerical simulations (2020)
  • Lysander JANKOWSKY
    Development of extrusion-based 3D printing for dimensionally stable device components in aircraft construction (2019)
  • Philip ZIMMER
    Elimination of the subjective influences in the optical assessment of high-gloss plastic panels through metrological qualification (2019)
    Determination of factors influencing the shrinkage behavior when sintering strontium ferrite (2019)
  • Marian PFEUFFER
    Experimental studies on the use of alternative materials for acousto-optical lenses (2016)
    Micro-processing of functional surfaces for acousto-optical lenses made of sapphire and alternative materials with focused ion beam (2016)
  • Hongyi YANG
    Investigation of alternative methods for the realization of structure-transmitting components for slip casting of oxide-ceramic materials (2016)

Bachelor Theses

    Examination of wear on thin-layer veneers (2019)
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