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The MfM group at Friedrich Schiller University Jena is investigating several mechanical properties of sur­faces at the nano­meter scale. Especially interesting for us are friction, wear and adhesion processes on natural and artificial materials. State-of-the art atomic force micro­scopy is dedi­cated to this goal.
MfM Group
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9 Nov 2020
Research · People
Two scientific coworkers​ new at the MfM
Welcome to Dahiana Avila and John Heier, who joined our group in November 2020!
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8 Oct 2020
Research · Publication
Formation of zabuyelite on dolomite and kutnohorite surfaces from supersaturated and undersaturated solutions
New article in "Journal of Crystal Growth"
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REM-Aufnahme großer dreidimensionaler Zabuyelit-Aggregate
1 Oct 2020
Research · Publication
Scanning-Probe-Induced Assembling of Gold Striations on Mono- and Bi-Layered MoS₂ on SiO₂
New article in journal "MRS Advances​"
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AFM-Bilder von Au-Clustern, die auf einer MoS₂-Insel auf SiO₂ abgelagert und manipuliert wurden


Professorship for Mechanics of functional Materials
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