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The MfM group at Friedrich Schiller University Jena investigates various mechanical properties of surfaces in the nanometre range. Of particular interest to us are friction, wear and adhesive properties of natural and artificial materials. The application of modern atomic force microscopy is aimed at this goal.
MfM Group
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31 Aug 2021
Change of Address
Dr Enrico Gnecco ends his service as professor at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
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19 Jul 2021
Research · Publication
Influence of Interfacial Oxidation on Friction in Structural Superlubricity
new Articel in Journal "Tribology Letters"
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graphic abstract
8 Jul 2021
Nanolubrication Conferenz 2021 - 15. bis 16. Juli 2021
From fundamentals to industrial applications
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2 Jul 2021
Research · Publication
Fine defect engineering of graphene friction
New Articel in Journal "Carbon"
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Figure 4
28 Jun 2021
Research · Publication
The influence of Cr and Ni doping on the microstructure of oxygen containing diamond-like carbon films
New articel in Journal "Vacuum "
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Tapping-Mode AFM topograhpy and adhesion maps
10 Jun 2021
High precision machining of anodized surfaces
Materials scientists develop technology to machine weakly curved cylindrical and toroidal surfaces with high precision
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3D surface measurement
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