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Dr. Caroline Tschirpke
We thank Beilstein Institute for the invited talk "The key role of stick-slip in friction and wear processes on the nanoscale" given by Prof. Enrico Gnecco!
Illustration: Beilstein - Institut
From fundamentals to industrial applications
Materials scientists develop technology to machine weakly curved cylindrical and toroidal surfaces with high precision
3D surface measurement
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
Dr. Felix Cassin
Dr Enrico Gnecco ends his service as professor at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
Research · Publication
new Articel in Journal "Tribology Letters"
graphic abstract
Picture: Alper Özogul
Research · Publication
New Articel in Journal "Carbon"
Figure 4
Picture: Aitor Zambudio
Research · Publication
New articel in Journal "Vacuum "
Tapping-Mode AFM topograhpy and adhesion maps
Image: Zhairabany
We are also actively involved in the investigation of important environmental problems on the nanoscale within the Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry (CEEC) Jena
Research · Publication
​New article published in P​​hysical Review E
surface patterns resulting from single scan lines
Image: Pedro J. Martínez, Enrico Gnecco, and Juan J. Mazo
Image: Springer Verlag